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Edinburgh Connections 15, September 2020

Edinburgh Connections enjoys a great reputation within the Edinburgh Business Community. But we are punching above our weight on our members’ behalf among the decision-makers, too. We cooperate with other networking organisations in Scotland and the UK to support our members with their plans to grow their business ventures. If you run multiple businesses you might like to consider becoming an Edinburgh Connections Partner. This article explains what the difference is between membership and partnership. 

Edinburgh Connections Partnership vs Membership

Edinburgh Connections Partners are actively involved in the event’s agenda. We also help to work together with partners by organising Partners-only events and projects. The partnership is exclusive so no other firms with a same or similar profile can join the Partners group. Partners’ logos are promoted across our network, including logos in business events, registration pages, email invitations, home page and newsletters. Partners are also promoted in all-day events including the Edinburgh Business Show.

Partners receive further benefits including: landing page to capture leads, live access to Edinburgh Connections database (CRM) with a 360-degree view of active users, event registrations, etc. There is a limited number of partners that we can accommodate. 

How much does it cost to become Edinburgh Connections Partner?

Partnership monthly fee is £300

How to become a partner?

Arrange a phone call with the Colin & Bart: for introduction Session.