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How to look good on a video call

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Edinburgh Connections 5, May 2020

Most people are now conducting business online and attending virtual meetings through the various platforms such as Zoom.  I’m pleased to share my top tips and tricks that I have learned, to look your best when on a video call.

How many of these have you seen so far?  Do you have any tips yourself?

1. Get the Lighting Right.  Generally speaking, the most flattering light will be natural light from a window you are sitting in front of, but not full on sunlight.  Lighting from the side, above and the back may cast shadows, particularly from behind which will backlight you and put you all in shadow.

As we are working from home now, it may not be ideal, but try taking your phone around the house to find the best lighting and set up your laptop/phone there.  If you have a movable lamp, this can help with supplemental lighting too.

2. Find Your Most Flattering Camera Angle.  You need to be looking slightly up into the camera, this keeps your chin up slightly and helps to keep your eyes a little bit more open.  The worst camera angle is from below, and don’t sit too close to your screen having only your face in the shot, it can become distorted.

Look directly at the camera and try not to be looking at other areas of the screen when you are talking or making your “pitch” to others in a networking meeting.

3. Keep Distractions to a Minimum. If you are not using a virtual background keep your filming space neat and tidy, or like me, I prefer to use my business pop up banners just like I do at face to face meetings.  Always be mindful of distractions such as touching your face, hair, nose, or ears, and believe me, I have seen them all, including myself.

I appreciate we are home just now in exceptional circumstances, and noise in the background such as children, pets, or phones going off can happen but do try and lessen these distractions while meetings are going on. 

4. Dress Appropriately for Your Business.  I am often asked about how we should dress for online meetings, and there is no right or wrong here.  People can dress any way they want, it is their decision, it’s the perception of others (rightly or wrongly) that should be considered.

Generally, for online and face to face meetings, your dress code should reflect you, your business or organisation and the brand. 

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