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Is Lack of Cash Flow Harming Your Business?

Picture of Stuart Cruickshank
Stuart Cruickshank 13, May 2021
Sales and profits are important factors in all businesses. 
However, as the saying goes, "Cash is King". Over the years, we have come across many businesses with good turnover and profitability, however they effectively run out of oxygen, otherwise known as cash. It is one thing making a sale, however if your clients pay you too slowly, or fail to pay you at all, this can lead to business failure.
Additionally, rapidly expanding businesses can run out of cash very quickly. Increased sales also come with increased costs on items such as additional stock, raw materials and labour costs. Without a steady supply of cash, businesses can risk overtrading and running into cashflow difficulties.
With lockdown easing all over the UK, we are seeing increased enquiries for cash flow facilities. One of the solutions available is Invoice Finance. If you operate in a business to business sector, and raise invoices which are paid at a future date, this may be a solution for you.
Whether you currently have an existing facility in place or this is something completely new to you, we have produced a free guide which you can download.