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Edinburgh Connections 11, October 2020

In collaboration with MAJCI Ltd., i4 Business Improvements are extremely excited to bring you the Improvement Hub, the ‘one stop’ space for all your improvement needs. It has been a long time in the making, but is only just the beginning, the solid foundation to support what is yet to come!

Our vision is to provide our members on demand access to the highest quality improvement resources and materials, to support all their continuous improvement efforts.

We believe the hub will be a game changer in the ‘new normal’ world of business improvement, by connecting like-minded professionals and business together in this unique environment to share experiences, learnings, challenges, and best practice.

The hub will benefit businesses by providing on demand access to expert resources to support their own improvement efforts, essential in being able to gain the competitive advantage.

The Improvement Challenge

When Covid-19 hit, the world of work changed forever, forcing many businesses to initiate major change that might otherwise have taken a decade. It is likely that many companies may need to implement further change to operate successfully in these new business landscapes.

Most change made by many businesses to date has been very reactive and has only really focused on making immediate operating cost savings to survive.

Moving forward, businesses will need to focus on implementing new processes, and improving products and services, to thrive and address the ongoing challenges of:

  • Increasing pressure to further reduce operating costs and increase productivity
  • Cutbacks on quality and continuous improvement roles
  • Ensuring business continuity with reduced resources
  • Motivating your people to maintain a culture of continuous improvement 
  • Increased pressure on teams to develop the skills to problem solve, develop, and implement innovative improvement solutions
  • Managing changes to organisational structures, roles and responsibilities, processes and procedures whilst avoiding change capacity overload
  • Sourcing cost effective, value adding continuous improvement professional support as and when needed
  • Meeting ever-changing customer needs and requirements

Benefits of Business Membership

The hub aims to meet the challenges of tomorrow head on with a proactive and shared approach to supporting professionals and business with all their improvement needs.

Business Membership gives you the opportunity to access:

  • A network of improvement and change experts for supporting your continuous improvement and change management efforts, as and when you need them
  • To topical articles, webinars, courses, events & workshops, tools, templates, and guides
  • Our learning library of case studies and practices worth replicating

You will also be able to:

  • Secure a dedicated ‘on tap’ Continuous Improvement and Change Manager who will help and support you align your improvement initiatives with your strategy objectives and develop your continuous improvement plan
  • Receive expert facilitation support for opportunity identification workshops and Continuous Improvement Maturity Assessments
  • Create customised training and development programmes to support your team’s professional development and enhance their continuous improvement knowledge and skills
  • Join the Improvement Hub community forum and Hub Directory where you can connect, engage, share and learn with like-minded improvement professionals and business improvement teams

To find out more, including full benefits of business membership and subscription options, please visit THE IMPROVEMENT HUB Today!

Author: Campbell Scott