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When was the last time you put yourself first?

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Edinburgh Connections 2, May 2020

Hello, today I’m going to be quite personal and share my story with you as during this current situation I took my own advice I give to my clients and completely revised my life and all I do.

Let me share my story.

My name is Kasia, I’m almost 33 years old and live in sunny Edinburgh, Scotland. I’m originally from Poland and live in the UK for the past 13 years.

For most of my life I felt second best… I felt not good enough… Born and raised in Polish culture that traditionally puts man on the first place, I just didn’t know any different and I grow up in a way to put my wants and dreams after others’ wants and dreams. I felt that I can be seen but not heard.

All my feelings of being not good enough and second best and moving to a foreign country at the age of 19 where I needed to support myself in every way, left me with many limiting believes about what I can do in my life. 

I allowed the limiting believes to affect my life to the extent that my life was average, just an OK life, mostly no highs and no lows.

There were great things in my life, don’t take me wrong. I have met the love of my life when I was 18 and we are happily married with a beautiful boy. My hubby introduced me to Capoeira, Brazilian martial art, and we both train that leading our healthy and active lifestyle together. And I also started my self-discovery journey using the incredible tools of personal development thank to the movie The Secret. Both healthy, active lifestyle and personal development became a bit of a dream as a profession for me.

Nevertheless, I struggle with giving myself permission to even go after this dream, I would work 70h a week in a charity that was paying me only for 40h because there was a demand to fulfil charity’s goals. I would get home and be there for my husband, my family, my friends, everyone else and then me. I would support their projects leaving my wants and dreams on the side telling myself I will attend to these later.

When I turned 30 and my little boy was born I was extremely happy but thought that my life will just going to be this average, OK life… it turned that it can be worst. When Gabriel was just 5 months my husband took stress leave from his job and our only source of income. He worked in the same charity as I so I ended up in a very difficult situation. 

I remember exactly this Christmas of 2018 as it was the time that I made the most important decision in my life. I decided to put myself first and start my own business. I became fitness and life coach using all my sport background and personal development experiences.

It didn’t go as good as I envision it. I didn’t know how to focus on my dream as I was always there for everyone and their projects. I wasn’t focused so, while raising a child and developing my business, I started to volunteer in two different charities for some time and join a network marketing company. I struggle with that intense stretch of myself until the current health crisis started. 

The current situation forced me to stay home and revise what works and what doesn’t work. Majority of my clients preferred face to face coaching rather than online, so I finally decided to put my whole energy into the network marketing company. At the same time during these worst times for the world the most beautiful movement was born as many likeminded women from my network marketing company decided to work together and put ourselves first. In that way the Put U First was created.

Crisis in Chinese language is loosely translated into “danger” and “opportunity” respectively. And for me in this time of crisis we should focus on opportunity to develop rather than on the danger of unknown. 

So, when I finally allowed myself to put myself first, to be the star in my own movie instead of playing the second role, I’m open to the opportunity, the growth and knowledge and I am allowing so much success already. I feel that I am changing a generation pattern and want to inspire other women to put themselves first and change their lives too! 

Now, I want to ask you when was the last time you put yourself first? Just stop for some time and think about that. And if you can’t remember, then I encourage you to start putting yourself first in your life because there is only as much as we can run with an empty cup. Remember your cup is refillable and with the right environment that supports and mentors you, you can lead your life the way you want!

Stay healthy and positive!

Kasia Wypiorczyk

Fitness and Life Coach at Risada Lifestyle

Get in touch with Kasia at 07895483226 or via

Check her website and social media @risadalifestyle

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